MIrword IS
responsible formation of childhood space
We shape the child's lifestyle in an environment that lays a culture of behavior through quality space and aesthetics.
We create an environment that stimulates safe cognition. Human centered design.
Modern aesthetics forms a culture of behavior in space. Quality materials and shaping demonstrate the status of the institution.
Actual site in the long term through understanding the trends in the development of urban architecture.
In the development of a line of equipment for children with disabilities.
Materials and components of reliable European manufacturers:
HDPE High Density Polyethylene
Paint line for metal elements eliminating corrosion.
Accessories from a Belgian factory leader in the production of fasteners.
Stainless steel used in the food industry AISI 316.
Glued larch is a dense material, resistant to dents and not subject to wear in various weather conditions for decades.
High-tech production with a capacity of 1,100 units per month.
The latest full-cycle equipment on an area of 2200 m2 with planned expansion in the Khrabrovo industrial park.
Director of production with more than 30 years of experience in the enterprises of the Kamaz Group.
Modular assortment and ready-made configurations, allowing you to create a platform of the desired functionality within the territory and budget.
The help of specialists in the selection of elements for the optimal solution of the institution's task
The observable production time is 4-5 weeks from the moment of placing the order.
Help in organizing transportation to anywhere in Russia.
Installation and commissioning of equipment by an experienced distributor at the site.
Warranty, ready-made solutions and support for non-warranty repairs.
Obligatory certification passed. The quality management system ISO 9001 is being introduced.
The company has been on the market since 2018, now when it enters the niche of playgrounds, we offer the most competitive prices for products.
The company has the status of a resident of the free economic zone of the Kaliningrad region, due to this, high-quality European materials and components become available to our customers.
We are aware of the limitations of resources and procedures of municipalities, our line is aimed at the optimal solution of the tasks of educational institutions.
We are ready to share arguments and participate in the preparation of grant and tender documentation.
We are interested in each client and strive for a service that forms a long-term cooperation.
5 collections that cover the needs of any site
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Work format
You can select the positions you are interested in and contact the manager by phone:
8 800 201-58-38 or write to the mail: info@mikromir.space
Product selection
Your personal manager will help you choose the best equipment.
50% prepayment to start production
We produce products from 4 to 5 weeks after which you pay the balance and we send the order.
Delivery is carried out by any convenient transport company throughout Russia.
The equipment can be installed by ourselves, and we also provide installation services.
About us
Our team is located in the city of Kaliningrad, which allows us to cooperate with foreign partners. Our task is to create a natural children's ecosystem for the development of personality and the formation of a child's identity.
We understand the tasks of the customer, as well as the needs of children. We are personally responsible for product quality.
Artyom Reshetnikov
Evgeny Vorsin
Director of Development
Valery Evgenievich Eremin
Production Director
Andrey Rumak
Head of Sales Department
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8 800 201-58-38
Kaliningrad, st. D. Donskogo, 35 B
Kaliningrad region, Guryev district, the village of Ozerki, Chekistov 22